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Rufous Humm Dinger
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Rufous Humm Dinger
Hummingbirds fascinate both of us. We put food out in Mid April until Mid September. Tom is up every single Summer day at 5:30 to put out all 8 feeders. He has taught them to land on his finger if he stands still enough by the feeder. Now our visiting guests delight in doing this too, we snap a picture to commemorate it for them. Sometimes we have to tell the most learned big guys, "Yes, You can still breathe, while standing there holding your finger still." The Hummer Feeding Show starts every Summer evening about 7:00-8:30. Sunsets are included included.

We have 3 kinds of Hummers here in Evergreen. The most dominant hummer we have in the area is the Rufus Hummer. The males are cinnamon colored with florescent orange throats. Their tails have a lower frequency buzz that can be identified when they fly. These guys are a little bigger than the other kinds of hummers and like to show off that they are in charge of everyone else. The fly down, with throats feathers extended in display and their tails broadly flaired to scare the other hummers away from the feeders. This may or may not work but it is in their nature to be the bully who does no harm. The females do not have the stripes and are rather hard to distinguish from the other females.
My need was to paint each of them getting the syrup out of the flowers in our yard. They are so tiny I wanted to catch them each in a different pose, wings flapping away to get to their reward. They are the most Beautiful and cute acrobats you will ever see.

These are from my photos at flowers in our yard. I have put the 2 green Hummers with pinkish flowers on the outside and the Rufous and blue flower in the center.

As a grouping, the 7/8" edge has the flowers, stems, or leaves painted on at least one of the edges that will show. There are wire hangers in the back and do not need to be framed.
Each piece may be purchased individually.
$125.00.00 or 3 for $250.00
Media: Acrylic on 7/8" Deep Cradled Birch Panel,
Size: 4" x 6" x 7/8"
Currently displayed at: Evergreen , CO
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