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Autumn Bears
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Autumn Bears
These are Natures Fire Works. The fall colors are always exciting. Changes take place each day in the fall as the temperatures cool down. This setting had so many angles of color accentuating each area of interest.

Mama bear and her cubs seemed to be heading right toward the beautiful clump of Aspens that were perfectly set off in the middle of the field. The crest of the far mountains is seen in the distance. Deep green evergreens on all sides, contrast so beautifully with the rich yellow, red, & rust colors and warm glow of the Aspens.

Mama's cubs are now old & big enough to be exploring more on their own, but they still stay with the Mom who protects them for 2 years.

The 7/8" edge of this painting is painted as a Gallery Edge. It is painted to match the picture. It is framed in a Silhouette Frame that will show off the Gallery Edge painting. I like to paint the edges as part of the picture to give you a choice of how to hang it. When you are coming into a room or down a hall the effect is to give a color visual of something to see that is different or unexpected, rather than the regular edge of wood frame.

Giclee' prints are available.
Media: Acrylic on 7/8" Deep Cradled Birch Panel,
Size: 18" x24" x 7/8"
Currently displayed at: Evergreen,CO
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