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Elk Calf At Creekside Playtime
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Elk Calf At Creekside Playtime
Moving to the mountains has provided us with wonderful forests and mountains that surround the homes and the towns. Looking out the windows each day, anytime of day or night, provides a unique setting that we are able to enjoy.
Doing the daily errands, even offers the most enchanting settings.
The creek along the road was too tempting for the large family of elk. We had to stop, take pictures of all the antics. This little guy, about 4-5 months old, around 4 foot high, decided it would be fun to walk around in the creek next to his brothers. Mom was near by and Dad, with a full set of antlers, was off in the distance keeping an eye on things. There were probably a dozen elk in this family.
As normal, several cars were stopped along the roadside, People taking pictures of the wonderful fall afternoon setting with iconic Elk wandering around.
The creek was in between us and the elk herd. This little guy weighed in around 100 pounds and was about 4 foot in height. At this age they still are nursing and dependent on Mom.
Calves are born May to June and weigh about 35 lbs. by 18 months they have gained about 200 to 400 lbs. Cows, the adult female, weigh in about 400-500 lbs. Bulls average about 700 lbs. A full set of antlers that grows new each year weigh about 40 lbs.
The area was dressed with the shadows of the afternoon, some trees on our side of the creek, and the elk grazing and playing to everyone's delight. He was curiously looking at us, probably wondering why we were there and trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

The 7/8" edge of this painting is painted as a Gallery Edge. It is painted to match the picture. It is framed in a Silhouette Frame that will show off the Gallery Edge painting. I like to paint the edges as part of the picture to give you a choice of how to hang it. When you are coming into a room or down a hall the effect is to give a color visual of something to see that is different or unexpected, rather than the regular edge of wood frame.
I have painted another piece from that afternoon with the elk calf standing next to Mom and nursing. Again the fall setting was incredible as we watched that big animal fall to its knees and suckle. We wanted to shout, Hey, you're too big to do that." I guess we were wrong.
Media: Acrylic on 7/8" Deep Cradled Birch Panel
Size: 18" x 24" x 7/8"
Currently displayed at: Evergreen , CO
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