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Mr. Big Eyes -Behind his Safety Spot!
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Mr. Big Eyes -Behind his Safety Spot!
A Big Horn Elk peeked out from behind his hiding place to see what was going on down there. This was not the usual sounds of passing cars on the Interstate. He could see us. He felt safe. He still wanted to see what was so darn interesting down there.
At first we had to look around. Nothing going on here at this location. Wait! What was that up there? Was that a movement in the rocks? Yes! Finally, A Big Horn! We could see his head, not his body, hidden behind all the rocks.
The Camera Club was ready. The Sun had just started to spread its warm morning light across the rocks. This big guy was the only Big Horn around and looked kinda cute peeking out from his safety spot.

The 7/8" edge of this painting is painted as a Gallery Edge, painted to match and compliment the picture. It may also be framed in a Silhouette Frame that will show off the Gallery Painted Edge. I like to paint the edges as part of the picture to give you a choice of how to hang it. When you are coming into a room or down a hall the effect is to give a color visual of something to see that is different or unexpected, rather than the regular edge of a frame.
It may be framed or hung on the wall as is.
Media: Acrylic on 7/8" Deep Cradled Birch Panel
Size: 16" x 20"
Currently displayed at: Evergreen , CO
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