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Family Feud
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Family Feud
Harry Woodpeckers upset about something.

This painting shows the moment when both had their wings spread, neither one giving in to the other. The Female seems to be pointing her wings to show the direction she wants Harry, the male to go.

We have several families of Harry Woodpeckers that stay all year and bring their babies to our feeder. This male, with the red spot on the back of his head, and the female, with no red on her head, were having a fight for about 30 long minutes. Back and Forth, one dominating the other! One higher on the deck rail with wings spread and the other down below as the subordinate. This went on for so long I had time to get the camera and get lots of shots.

A tree had fallen in our yard which seemed like the perfect place to paint the dramatic display of dominance between the 2 Harrys with a wonderful fall background in the distance.
We refer to a female Harry, as Harriet, and the male as Harry.

The 7/8" edge of this painting is painted as a Gallery Edge, painted to match and compliment the picture. It may also be framed in a Silhouette Frame that will show off the Gallery Painted Edge. I like to paint the edges as part of the picture to give you a choice of how to hang it. When you are coming into a room or down a hall the effect is to give a color visual of something to see that is different or unexpected, rather than the regular edge of a frame.
It may be framed or hung on the wall as is.
Media: Acrylic on 7/8" Deep Cradled Birch Panel,
Size: 11" x 14", on a Floating or Silloutte Frame, aprox 16" x 20" Framed with Archival Matting
Currently displayed at: Evergreen ,CO
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