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Decisions, Decisions?
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Decisions, Decisions?
Yearling Mule Deer

By Evergreen, Colorado Artist Barb Adkins

This little yearling deer stopped to stare at the dried flower. Should I or Shouldn't I? That was the question. What a precious moment to paint. This weed was so big and interesting compared to the short stubble of new green grasses.

What do you think? Did she or didn't she eat it?

The Deer troop travels daily from home to home. Sometimes they take a nap in the yard or under the deck. Other times they hope for a hand out. They know the routine.

I call them yearlings because they are just about a year old now, born last summer, maybe in our yard. They are not adults yet.

7.25" x 13" x 7/8" Acrylic on Pine Board
The 7/8" edge of this painting is painted as a Gallery Edge. It is painted to match the picture. It may be framed in a silhouette frame that will show off the Gallery Edge painting. I like to paint the edges as part of the picture to give you a choice of how to hang it. When you are coming into a room or down a hall the effect is to give a color visual of something to see that is different or unexpected, rather than the regular edge of wood frame.

Gallery Edge Custom Silhouette Walnut Frame, Double Mat Archival Safe, Color Coordinated $625.00

Giclee on high end archival paper or Canvas. Please call for Sizes and prices.
Media: Acrylic on Pine board
Size: Walnut Frame 15.5" x 21.25"
Currently displayed at: Evergreen, CO
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Tagged: Animals
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