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Mr. Sharp Shinned Hawk
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Mr. Sharp Shinned Hawk
Mr. Sharp silently but suddenly flew in from the West!

All the pigeons, enjoying the feast on the ground below our feeder, had been way to busy to even have a lookout posted to check the perimeter of our yard.

What a mad flurry of chirps and wings fluttered as they all took off with a very sudden start.

I watched from the show from the window.It was only about 30 feet away from me. It was such a cold snowy day, but it was fun to see about 2 dozen pigeons come in to casually graze on the sunflower seeds. And then.... to get to view the sudden wild excited take off of that many birds right before my eyes.

Poor Mr Sharp!
He looked so sad.
Dinner time was not exactly what he had expected and had hoped for. He just rested in the tree, all puffed up.
I was able to get my camera, go outside and get his picture while he pouted. I seemed to be no threat to him.
I've waited to paint this piece because it is not as bright and colorful a piece as I usually paint. The day was overcast because of the snow. He was hungry and quite disappointed for sure.

I wonder how many times these birds spot their prey, head directly to it and them miss the opportunity.
Maybe there had been a lookout who could not see Mr. Sharp coming in through the snow ladden trees. Once Mr. Sharp got closer, the warning was sent out and off all his band went. I suppose they were scared but quite startled because of the excitement. How long does it take a bird to settle and relax after almost being a meal for another feathered foe?
Media: Acrylic on Cradled Baltic Birch Board
Currently displayed at: Evergreen, CO
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