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Momma's Going Hunting
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Momma's Going Hunting
By Evergreen Artist Barb Adkins

To get to actually see a Bobcat is unusual. To have your camera ready to click at the same time you do see this elusive hunter can be another thing. In Evergreen, looking out your window can be quite interesting. Seeing a cat outside is not that unusual, oh well. BUT as you see the cat, move on to the next task.....then do a double take and swiftly return to look at that cat......WOW! It's a bobcat! NO! YES! It IS a BOBCAT calmly sitting out there just looking back at me. WHAT? Cool! OH, camera, Not here, Where is it? by the time I get it , the bobcat will be gone. I have to just stand and look & look at it. so Serene!
but no picture. He's already moving across the yard.
Tom did some pictures at the end of the yard in the trees but not really good enough to see for a great painting. Darn!

A post in Next Door was so cool. In the man's backyard on his outdoor camera he caught a great shot of Mama Bobcat in motion. AND he shared the image with me to use in this painting. People can be so generous! Thank You Mike.

This is a female bobcat because she has less hair on her face. Males seem to have a really full face of shaggy hair on each cheek. Since Mike also caught a cute bobcat kitten on his camera, I decided this was Mom, out on her daily hunt for breakfast for the kits.
Media: Acrylic on Cradled Baltic Birch,Archival Mat, Framed
Size: 16" x 20",
Currently displayed at: Evergreen, CO
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