Barb and Tom Adkins, Custom Acrylic Painting and Wood Sculpture

Evergreen, Colorado
303 880 0461
Barb Adkins Tom Adkins

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Barb and Tom started their art for their pure enjoyment without a specific end in mind. It is their hope that others are also able to be enriched as they have been in the creation of each piece. Their desire is to convey beauty, delight, and excitement to others. They have found art and nature to be an important and essential part of their lives. It gives them a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to be able to transform a hunk of wood or paint a picture that tells the story of a moment in time. The beauty around them, the unexpected softness, elegance, and movement we all enjoy in nature, inspires their creations. It is relaxing and fun for them to look at life with a unique perspective. The antics in the wild help them relax and laugh a little more every day.

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