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1st Place in Team Effort!
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1st Place in Team Effort!
Calla Lilly on a Leaf

Full size Calla Lilly Sculpture.

It is made in 3 separate pieces. The Calla Lilly is made from Pine, the Fully sculpted Calla Lilly Leaf is made from Cedar and the base is Walnut.

Each piece is individaully made of 1 separate piece of wood. Each individual piece can be picked up to look at it. The leaf and Flower are fully finished and fully 3 Dimensional. Please see the larger pictures below.

Tom Carved these almost paper thin sculptures. I got to paint them, if I promised not to break each piece.

This piece may used as a sculpture by itself or used as a desk set in front of the person's name. Custom Designed Font is used for each person's name.
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